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This page gives hints on how to analyze the densities and potentials with the ABINIT package.


All the files that have the density and potential format, see topic_printing can be analyzed with the “Cut3D” postprocessor. In particular, it can produce two-dimensional cuts (or one-dimensional cuts) through the three-dimensional data, suitable for later visualisation using e.g. topic_Abipy. It can perform the Hirshfeld computation of atomic charges. It can analyse the charge contained in an atomic sphere, and determine the angular momentum projected charge (l=0 to 4) contained in that sphere. (only available for norm-conserving pseudopotentials)

See the cut3d help file, as well as the cut3d tutorial.

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  • cut3d tutorial explains the use and input parameters needed for the “Cut 3-Dimensional files” post-processor of the ABINIT package